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Building Up His Stardom



Featuring famous moments in sports with Lego’s is actually more popular than what you thought.

Published October 21, 2016

Story by Myles Primm

What started out for Jared Jacobs as a simple hobby has turned him into an internet sensation. With Lego pieces, a camera, a sports replay moment and patience, Jacobs can produce a video for you.

His popularity took off when he recreated a scene from the Television show “Breaking Bad” and posted it to his Instagram account with the hashtag “Breaking Bad” and went to sleep. When he woke up the next day, he found out his video was shared by one of the actors of the show and he had become popular literally overnight.

“This has just been something that I do on the side,” said Jacobs. “But now that it’s gotten so much attention and now that I get paid to do videos, it’s kind of taken on a life of it’s own.”

Jacobs funds his own Lego’s but his popularity came through him sharing videos on social media and celebrities responding to them and sharing them on their social media accounts. Sports Center even featured one of his videos on their program.

Jacob’s is unsure about the future of his stop motion video career but will take it one at a time and move forward.

Seek and Destroy: Modern Medicine

A Doctor from Purdue University addressed the campus of BYU-Idaho and shared his studies on creating “Smart Drugs”

Published October 21, 2016

Story By Myles Primm

Doctor Philip Low is the Director of the Purdue Institue for Drug Discovery and is a distinguished professor of Chemistry at Purdue University.

Dr. Low and his team design “smart drugs” which specifically target diseased cells without showing significant uptake by healthy cells. These drugs are used to diagnose and treat such diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, malaria, influenza virus, multiple sclerosis and heart disease.

He and his wife Joan met while serving their missions in Germany. They came home and got married and had five children.

His research was featured in a forum address presented yesterday.


Getting Shredded is More Than Just A Phrase

Founder of Shredded Nutrition wants to to more than just sell supplements at his local store.

Published October 14, 2016

Story by Myles Primm

Blake Luthy had been married for more that a year when his left lung collapsed. After 10 days in the Intensive Care Unit he was released and asked why this happens.

“I guess when you’re skinny your lung doesn’t come to a rounded point at the top, it comes more to a point,” said Luthy. “Because you’re just small and compacted.”

After that experience he decided to study fitness and bodybuilding so that he could gain more muscle mass and become healthier. Luthy noticed however, there were people at the gyms were taking supplements that could have potentially harm them. From that he decided to educate and help people take care of themselves.

“Fitness is not just about the look, it’s not about the muscles or the abs,” said Luthy. “It’s about health.”

After that he founded Shredded Nutrition and they make an effort to educate customers about the supplements they are taking and even coach on how to take it and when to take the supplements. Stay tuned for a package by Student Reporter Nicholas Ruiz-O’Donnel for more about Shredded Nutrition.


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