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Reflections of Rexburg

Written by: Myles Primm


Nina Wilkins is a former faculty member in the music department at BYU-Idaho. She taught piano and the organ in her home as well as privately for more that 50 years. Hey late husband Kay Wilkins helped start the radio station here at BYU-Idaho.

Nina Wilkins explained how they were present at the groundbreaking at the Kirkham Building while they were still dating.  After they got married, when Kay Wilkins was the head of the communications department and he and Nina were present when the put the receiving antennas on the radio tower out on the butte.

Since most call letter for radio stations start with the letter “K”, the same letter in Kay’s first name, they decided to use the call letters KWBH for the newly established radio station. The FCC used those call letters as the official station call letters.

Nina Wilkins then explained Kay Wilkins said the highlight of his years at the radio station here at the then Ricks College were the radio station and his public speaking class that he would teach.

Nina Wilkins started teaching at Ricks College in 1954 up until 2006 and she taught with Ruth Barris.

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